The schedule is updated frequently due to unexpected rescheduling, new contacts, or cancellations.

December 27 – 28 — Arrival in Beijing, China

December 29 Seminar, Filming and Lunch with Ruotao Wang
Trained at Yale Law School, Dr. Wang is a law and public health expert who previously served on China’s version of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is on the Ministry of Health’s advisory board.  He is currently director of China AIDS, an NGO that works through the principle of harm reduction to alleviate disease in China.

December 30 Panel Discussion, Filming and Photographing with Professor Zhang Zhongle (湛中乐) of Peking University; Tour of PKU; Introduction to Yale-Peking Joint Program Faculty
Dr. Zhan is currently the deputy director of constitution and administrative law research at Peking University, and will be joined by two fellow professors for a panel discussion about Chinese legislation and human rights.  He is a former member of the Expert Group of China that served the United Nations, member of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, and standing director of the China Society for Human Rights Studies.

December 31 — Volunteering, Tour, Photographing at the Bethel China Foundation
The Bethel China Foundation is the only Chinese orphanage that provides a home and care to visually impaired and disabled children. Director of Development Matthew Terlunen will be leading a tour and presentation about the orphanage’s services.

January 1 — 新年快乐! Happy New Year! 

January 2 — Volunteering, Tour, Filming and Photographing at the New Hope Foundation
The New Hope Foundation is an orphanage that provides care for abandoned children, many of whom are the lost second child in Chinese families. New Hope’s director will be leading a discussion and tour before the filming and photographing of children, staff and daily routines.

January 3  Tour, Discussion and Filming with Faculty of Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy; Seminar Series with Professor Liu Neng (刘能) and Professor Xiong Yuegen (熊跃根)

January 4 — Filming and Photographing in the Beijing Hutongs (胡同); Dinner with Edward Wong of The New York Times
The hutongs are old, picturesque and preserved alleyway neighborhoods from old Beijing (老城). Filming and photography will capture the older, more traditional Chinese family lifestyle that is being supplanted by Beijing’s growing urban climate and cosmopolitanism.
Mr. Wong is a highly acclaimed, Beijing-based journalist of The New York Times.  He is one of The New York Times’ Beijing foreign correspondents, and will offer his experience navigating through global media while reporting on Chinese policies and legislation.

January 5

January 6 — Tour, Discussion, Filming and Photographing with Phil Harverson at New Day Creations Foster Home

January 7 — Lunch with Dr. Masoud Afnan of Beijing’s United Family Hospital (北京和睦家医院); Tour, Photography, and Filming of Pediatric, Geriatric and Maternal Departments with Dr. Alan Kahn; Dinner with Josh Chin of The Wall Street Journal
Vice President Dr. Afnan will lead a seminar over lunch regarding the intersections of the Chinese health care system and Chinese policies.  After lunch, Dr. Kahn will provide a hospital tour and present the hospital’s services for children, elderly, mothers and families.  Filming and photography will focus on capturing elderly and child patients; reproductive, contraceptive and abortion-related services; and maternal-fetal medicine.

Mr. Chin is a Beijing-based journalist reporting for The Wall Street Journal and the editor and lead writer for the China Real Time Report.  He has covered controversial topics including the one-child policy, and will offer his experience working within and around Chinese censorship, media and his role in engaging both the domestic and international public sphere.

January 8 — Lunch with Lucy Hornby of Reuters and the Foreign Correspondents Club of China

January 9 — Lunch with Andrew Jacobs of The New York Times
Mr. Jacobs is one of The New York Times’ foreign correspondents based in Beijing.  His portfolio ranges from domestic to international issues, and he will offer insight on the international media presence in China as well as Chinese media structure.

January 10 – 11  — Departure


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